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Our Recruitment Process

When you choose Apple Blossom Day Homes as your contracting agency, many of the stresses that a Child Care Educator may encounter can be avoided. Here are some of the advantages:

Being able to contribute to the family income while staying at home

Deriving pleasure in self-employment

A chance to carry on or further your education while working from home

Getting liability insurance coverage at a reduced price

Guaranteed payment

The opportunity to form a support group with other Educators

Gaining access to large equipment such as playpens, high chairs, gates, etc.

Lending library of toys, reference materials, literacy bags and craft kits.

Gaining the support of the agency coordinator and home visitors.

The agency becomes a medium of cooperation between parents and yourself.

Training sessions are provided every month, which widen your knowledge base and skills.

The ability to offer care to subsidized families.

In-services are offered on a bi-monthly basis. Before COVID, these were done in person, but have moved to electronic as we cope with the pandemic.

Educators have access to our private Facebook page, where they can connect with other Educators within the agency. This alleviates feelings of isolation and allows the team to connect on a broader scale.

Educators have access to a member of the team by contacting the office during business hours or the after-hours call during evenings and weekends.

We are always on the lookout for new applicants. To learn more about becoming a Child Care Educator call or email our office today. If you would like to apply to become a licensed day home,  you can find and fill out and e-mail the Educator application here.

Fun With Children

Read the experiences of our experts and other parents.

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