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Our Licensing Standards

All day homes approved through Apple Blossom operate in accordance to the Alberta Family Day Home standards. You may read about our day home standards in our manual.

Being family-owned and operated, we thrive on the value of flexible schedules and a warm, nurturing environment. If you want to know more about how we operate, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Covid-19 Information

Parents must read the checklist and assess their child for symptoms each morning. There is a spot on the timesheet for parents to sign, verifying they have screened their child and deemed them fit to attend the child care program. Children exhibiting core symptoms of COVID are not permitted to attend

Enhanced cleaning. All high touch surfaces are disinfected multiple times a day

Any sensory play (i.e. play-doh) must allow for each child to have their own tools and materials to prevent items from becoming high-touch

Toys and materials that can be sanitized must be done daily – any item that goes into a child’s mouth must be sanitized immediately or put out of reach until it can be cleaned

Items that can not be easily sanitized (dress-up clothes, stuffies, etc) must be put into isolation before allowing children to play with them again

The agency works closely with AHS and the licensing team to ensure all programs are operating in compliance with all guidelines. Any new changes in policies are communicated directly with day homes in a timely fashion.

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