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Your Child’s Nutrition Is in Safe Hands at Apple Blossom Day Homes

The child care professionals at Apple Blossom Day Homes understand the crucial role a well-balanced, and nutritious diet plays in child development.

For this reason, we ensure the following:

All meals and snacks follow Canada's food guide.

Each home provides one meal and two snacks at no extra cost.

Attempts are made to accommodate dietary restrictions and cultural preferences. Parents are welcome to send lunches and snacks for their children.

Menus are made available daily to parents and consultants.

The way children are fed is appropriate for their age and development level.

Children remain seated for eating and drinking.

Parents supply formula and/or infant food that is outside of the regular posted menu.

If you want to know more about the Canada Food Guide and how it may benefit your child, visit the official page here.


For any questions regarding our dietary and nutrition protocols, get in touch with us.

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