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Shaving Cream Craft

A Medicine Hat provider sent in this photo, saying, “put shaving cream on a cookie sheet and paint let them make designs using a toothpick or brush or qtip.  them press paperover top and make a print”.

shave cream craft

Looks like a fun mess – my favourite kind of craft!


Fun Ideas

A Medicine Hat provider sent in this photo of a game she created for the children. The children had to match the letters, shapes and colours from a pile to spell out their name. The kids loved it!

Name Game



A Medicine Hat provider also sent in this photo of these adorable rocks, collected and decorated by the day home kids:



Great programming! Please keep sending in your awesome activities – email them to

Flour Paint!

One of our Medicine Hat providers made paint with the children, saying: “It’s 1 cup flour 1 cup salt, 1 cup water. We halved the recipe, and added probably closer to the full cup of water because it seemed really thick”.

Check out their awesome paintings!

Flour Paint

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