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Incorporating Nature

Here are some fun ways to incorporate nature into day home activities, as outlined in the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Standards Manual. Click on the photos to go to the sites for more details. .


Playing with ‘nature hunt’ finds with play dough. Image from


Creating a sensory box out of coffee grounds, contact paper, and found items. Image from

Make Sensory soup. Image from

We’re looking forward to seeing all the fun ways our providers incorporate nature!


Fall Sensory Ideas

Sensory play is so fun and is very beneficial for small children! Here are some great sensory ideas with a fall theme to inspire you! Click the picture to take you to the original website.

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

For more information on the importance of sensory play and how it benefits children, please read through this article from


Weather Science!

It’s supposed to get windy around here today, so I thought I’d link to some fun, simple weather experiments. Click each image to go to the original instructions:

First, this experiment uses shaving cream and food colouring to demonstrate rain:

Preschool Cloud Experiment from

Next, this experiment uses scarves to illustrate wind:

Scarves and Wind from

Finally, this is a simple tornado demonstration, using dish soap and vinegar:

Barnyard Tornado in a Jar from

Asking each child what they think will happen before doing the experiment is a great way to introduce the idea of creating a hypothesis!

What Are Your Plans for Earth Day?

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2013. Providers, have any of you made any plans for celebrating the Earth with the children?

Some good ideas are:

– making a craft using only recycled materials

– bringing a garbage bag on a walk and cleaning up litter

– planting some vegetables of the kids’ own to nuture, grow and then eat! Our office tomato plants are growing quite nicely so far, as you can see here:

Tomato Plants

For more ideas and downloadable info sheets check out Earth Day Canada.




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