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Saturday Standards: Standard 7

Providers, please read the following reminder about Standard 7. 

Standard 7: Child Care Program: 

The day home program must be inclusive and adapted to suit every child’s needs. The daily program must ensure that each child’s emotional, physical, intellectual, creative and social needs are being met daily. The program must be posted daily, visible to parents and consultants. Providers must ensure that children have an opportunity to play outside each day, except in cases of extreme weather.

Additionally, the day home’s daily program should include a fine-motor skill building activity, and a gross motor activity. Programming should reflect the provider’s preplanning reasoning behind each activity, whether the reason is “fine motor development” or “one child is really interested in police cars right now”.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this standard, please refer to your Government of Alberta Family Day Home Standards Manual, or contact the office.

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