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Saturday Standards: Standard 5

Providers, please read the following reminder for Standard 5: Transportation and Outings, as outlined in the Government of Alberta’s Family Day Home Standards Manual.

Standard 5: Providers must have proof of parental written consent prior to any outings beyond a 4-block radius and/or when a vehicle is used. Parents must be advised in writing of any outings or field trips and the details regarding the outing, including mode of transportation and supervision arrangements.

Additionally, please note that Apple Blossom Day Homes discourages the use of a provider’s private vehicle for transportation, however it is not prohibited. Providers who wish to use their own vehicle to transport day home children must provide the Agency with proof of valid driver’s license and proof of current insurance showing a minimum of one million dollar liability.

Finally, children may only be transported in approved safety restraints. Please review the recommendations as outlined by Alberta Health Services here. This fact-sheet also contains links to the information in other languages.

For clarification or questions regarding this, or any other, standard or policy, please contact the office at 403-526-8194.

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