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Saturday Standards: Standard 4

Providers, please read the following policy reminder:

Standard 4: Family Day Home Provider Accomodations consists of three sections:

4A, Residence: the family day home must be clean, a comfortable temperature with adequate light and ventilation. There must be windows in every room used by children and there must be sufficient space for developmentally appropriate activities.

4B, Furnishings and Equipment: the children must have access to developmentally appropriate toys, arranged so that the children can make their own selections. All furniture, toys and equipment must be in good repair and must meet federal and provincial safety legislation, and can only be used according to manufacturers’ directions.

4B also addresses diapering, and states that individual change pads must be used for each child and that diapers are changed in a location that ensures adequate supervision of the other children. Providers must wash their hands both before and after diaper changes and must clean the child’s hands after as well. Change pads must be sanitized after every use.

4C, Outdoor Play Space: day home providers must ensure that children have access to outdoor play spaces every day. Yards must be fully enclosed, unless the day home has been granted a Yard Exemption by the agency. The play area must be clean and safe; free of debris and dangerous items. BBQs must have the propane turned off.

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