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Saturday Standards: 10E: Medication

Providers, please read the following reminder for Standard 10E: Medication:

Providers may only administer medication if the provider has written consent of the parents, the medication is in its original container, and the dose is administered according to the label directions.

If emergency medications are in the home and cannot be under lock and key for accessibility, the medication must be inaccessible to children, such as on top of the fridge or in a high cupboard. Should children have allergies, epi-pens must be provided by parents and the epi-pens must be taken on all outings.

In all cases where medication is administered by a provider, the provider must record the name of the medication, the dose given, the time administered and sign.

All medication and vitamins, excluding those that are life-saving, must be kept under lock and key during all working hours.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please consult your Government of Alberta Family Day Home Standards Manual or contact the office at 403-526-8194.

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