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Saturday Standards: 10B

Providers, please read the following reminder regarding Standard 10B: Home and Safety.

The following information must be posted on your communication board, easily visible by parents:

–      hours of operation

–      evacuation plan

–      emergency relocation site

–      monthly procedures card (fire drills, etc)

–      daily schedule

–      daily, accurate menu

–      emergency phone numbers

Fire drills must be practiced monthly, and must include the sound of the smoke detector. Children should be taken outside to the muster point so that they are familiar enough with the procedure to repeat it without adult guidance if necessary.

You must have a working phone at all times.

All medication and vitamins must be under lock and key. Child-safety locks or being inaccessible are not acceptable substitutes for lock and key.

All chemicals, alcohol, personal care items, cleaning products and dangerous items must be inaccessible to children. This includes any items labeled “keep out of reach of children” or similar, and also includes any item that may be considered dangerous to children such as power tools, knives, batteries, scissors.

This standard also includes the items listed on the Home & Safety Inspection checklist.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this standard, please refer to the Government of Alberta’s Family Day Homes Standards Manual and the Agency’s Policies and Procedures book. You may also contact the agency at 403-526-8194.

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