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Policy Reminder: Sunscreen & Bug Spray

As we head into the warmer months, we wanted to give parents and providers a reminder about Apple Blossom Day Homes’ policy on the use of bug spray and sunscreen. The Family Day Home Standards Manual for Alberta states that children should have access to outside activities every day unless extreme weather prevents it. 

Parents/Guardians: please supply both bug spray and sunscreen, in their original container, to your day home provider for your child/ren’s use. Please note that your provider cannot apply either without your written consent so be sure to fill out the required form, with the specific product names, for the season. Please note that since providers are required to take the children outside, if you do not supply the required bug spray or sunscreen you may be required to pick up your child or return to the day home with the required supplies.

Providers: please be sure that every child has bug spray and sunscreen, in their original container, supplied by parent/guardian. You cannot apply either without written consent from the parent/guardian for the season, so be sure to have the forms completed.  The forms are available on the website under the Forms tab. Your Day Home Consultant will check for these forms along with your paperwork for the sunny months.

Should you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding this policy, please email the office at

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