appleblossomrotate8What is a Day Home?

Apple Blossom Day Homes are approved private residences in which all occupants have been thoroughly screened. This Approval process is conducted by Apple Blossom Day Home Agency under contract with CFS (Child and Family Services). Apple Blossom Day Homes follows the standards citied in the Government of Alberta’s Family Day Home Standards Manual for Alberta.

Why choose a Licensed Agency over private care?

While private care arrangements can work well, the advantage of using an approved Day Home is that you can expect certain standards of care and certain services:

  • Day homes are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that standards are maintained. Our Agency makes consistent unannounced visits to monitor the care provided
  • When seriously considering a day home, parents are able to request a visit to the office to view the Educator Profile which lists complaints, incidents and non-compliances for the previous twelve months for that provider
  • We strive to provide alternate child care through another Apple Blossom Day Home should your Educator be unable to work
  • Educational programming is offered on a daily basis including music, games, and outings. This allows the children the freedom to experiment and explore their surroundings, indoors and out
  • A Child Care Educator has strict limits on the number of children cared for based on energy, skills, experience and the suitability of the residence, while remaining within the limit set by the Government of Alberta: Six children total, including the Educator’s own children under the age fo 12. Of those six, no more than 3 children can be under the age of 3, and no more than 2 of those children can be under the age of 2.
  • Education through home studies in Early Childhood as well as ongoing Training Sessions are given to enhance the Educator’s skills and knowledge
  • The Agency collects all fees and pays Child Care Educators. Tax receipts are issued to all parents and Child Care Educators
  • Nutritious meals and snacks follow Canada’s Food Guide
  • Government Subsidy is available to all qualifying parents
  • All Child Care Educators, and adult residents of the home, undergo a police information check
  • All Child Care Educators possess a valid First Aid Certificate
  • The Agency is available as liaison between Parents and Educators

Why choose a Day Home over a Day Care Center?

  • Smaller groups mean more individual attention and siblings of different ages can stay together
  • Flexible hours of care to accommodate shift work or irregular hours
  • The same care-giver from one day to the next
  • Fees are generally lower
  • Many different locations for your convenience
  • Home atmosphere
  • More flexibility in allowing the children to follow their own schedules