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Time Sheet Reminder

As we head into September we’d like to remind both parents and providers that time sheets must be filled out completely.

Parents: you must fill out accurate times for your child, and initial the drop-off time and sign the pick-up time. Time sheets are legal documents dictating the transfer of responsibility from parent to provider and vice versa.

Providers: time sheets must be filled out completely, including the child’s full name and birth date. You are also responsible for ensuring that parents are completing the time sheets accurately.

If you have any questions regarding this, or any other policy, please do not hesitate to contact the office via email or phone at 403-526-8194.

Simple Sensory Play!

Water is such an easy way to meet the sensory standards and to provide children with a fun opportunity to make a mess while still being very easy to clean up. If you don’t have a water table, using a cake pan, Rubbermaid container or ice cream pail will work just as well and be just as fun!

Click the photo below for some great ways to incorporate water play into your day!

Policy Reminder!

Providers, please remember to take your portable emergency cards and first kit with you every time you leave your house! This includes going out into your backyard, going for a walk around the block, going on a field trip, or any other instance where you are no longer inside your day home with the children.

Should you, or parents, have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact the office via email or at 403-526-8194.

Glitter Bottles

One of our Medicine Hat providers made these lovely glitter bottles with her day home children. The bottles were purchased from the dollar store and have a tight seal so tape is not required. Click HERE for a simple tutorial on how to make these yourself.

glitter bottleThanks for sharing!


Pool Party!

Throughout the month of August the City of Medicine Hat is throwing themed pool parties at various City pools. The City of Medicine Hat website states that they parties are intended for ages 12 and Under and that regular swim rates apply. Planned themed activities on deck and in the water! Event times are from 2-4pm.

Click the themes below for more info and dates:



Under the Sea!


Sounds like so much fun!

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