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Saturday Standards: Standard 4

Providers, please read the following policy reminder:

Standard 4: Family Day Home Provider Accomodations consists of three sections:

4A, Residence: the family day home must be clean, a comfortable temperature with adequate light and ventilation. There must be windows in every room used by children and there must be sufficient space for developmentally appropriate activities.

4B, Furnishings and Equipment: the children must have access to developmentally appropriate toys, arranged so that the children can make their own selections. All furniture, toys and equipment must be in good repair and must meet federal and provincial safety legislation, and can only be used according to manufacturers’ directions.

4B also addresses diapering, and states that individual change pads must be used for each child and that diapers are changed in a location that ensures adequate supervision of the other children. Providers must wash their hands both before and after diaper changes and must clean the child’s hands after as well. Change pads must be sanitized after every use.

4C, Outdoor Play Space: day home providers must ensure that children have access to outdoor play spaces every day. Yards must be fully enclosed, unless the day home has been granted a Yard Exemption by the agency. The play area must be clean and safe; free of debris and dangerous items. BBQs must have the propane turned off.

Fall Sensory Ideas

Sensory play is so fun and is very beneficial for small children! Here are some great sensory ideas with a fall theme to inspire you! Click the picture to take you to the original website.

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

Fall Sensory Bin from

For more information on the importance of sensory play and how it benefits children, please read through this article from


Saturday Standards

Please read the following reminder for the Government of Alberta’s Family Day Home Standards:

Standard 3: Portable Emergency Information Records: all providers must have portable, emergency information for every child in care. These cards must be taken on all outings, including to the provider’s backyard, and must be complete and current. If there are any changes to the child’s enrollment form, such as phone numbers or work locations, please ensure those changes are also noted on the portable emergency cards. If you need more portable emergency cards, please ask your consultant during the next visit.

For further information on this standard, please refer to page 28 in the Government of Alberta’s Standards Manual. If you have any questions regarding this standard, please contact the office at 403-526-8194.

Saturday Standards

Please read the following reminder about the Government of Alberta’s Family Day Home Standards. 

Standard 2: Children’s Information Records: all providers must keep all the General Agreements and enrollments, at their day home, for each child currently enrolled. Providers must also have written information about children’s health information. Additionally, any changes that parents provide must be called into the office to ensure accurate record-keeping.

Time sheets must be initialed and signed by parent/guardian every drop-off and pick-up. This is important because it signifies the transfer of responsibility between the parent/guardian and the provider.

Finally, Standard 2 states that all paperwork must be submitted to the Agency within 5 days after the last working day of the previous month.

For more information about this standard, please refer to page 27 in the Government of Alberta’s Standards Manual. If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the office at 403-526-8194.

Weather Science!

It’s supposed to get windy around here today, so I thought I’d link to some fun, simple weather experiments. Click each image to go to the original instructions:

First, this experiment uses shaving cream and food colouring to demonstrate rain:

Preschool Cloud Experiment from

Next, this experiment uses scarves to illustrate wind:

Scarves and Wind from

Finally, this is a simple tornado demonstration, using dish soap and vinegar:

Barnyard Tornado in a Jar from

Asking each child what they think will happen before doing the experiment is a great way to introduce the idea of creating a hypothesis!

Great Site with a Tonne of Ideas

This website, Growing a Jeweled Rose, has so many awesome activity ideas. Here are a few that stuck out (click on the picture for the links):

Magical Hatching Dinosaur Eggs!


Homemade Aqua Sand Recipe!


Rainbow Pour Painting!


All images are from

EDIT: 8/11/2014: I tried Rainbow Pour Painting with my kids this weekend with Tempera paint and it didn’t work that great, definitely use the acrylic as suggested.

Fun Summer Activity

This is such a simple idea that I used to do with my kids – give them paint trays or other containers full of water and paintbrushes and let them “paint” whatever they want outside. Super fun!

Image from

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